The persistent rain that fell on Madrid on the morning of April 24 did not detract from the presentation of the CITIES Timanfaya demonstration vehicle to a large representation of the university community, gathered on the occasion of the UC3M & Innovation 2019 Forum that has organized the Carlos III University in its Science Park.

Two members of the consortium that develops the project have made an exhibition in which they have explained the technical details of this initiative that will undoubtedly revolutionize the tourist experience, first in the Timanfaya National Park, and then in other areas of environmental interest or cultural that, without a doubt, will endorse this new way of enjoying nature or art.

"There is no such advanced project in the world as this," said Ricardo Chicharro, from 2RK, who presented the proposal accompanied by Javier García Guzmán, Professor and Researcher at the Department of Information Technology of Carlos III.

After their explanations, those attending the Forum have had the opportunity to get on what will be the future autonomous “bus” of the Route of the Volcanoes, a minibus without a steering wheel, without pedals and without any of the controls that allows its handling by a human, as can be seen in the video that illustrates this post.